History of "Wedding Cake"

History of "Wedding Cake"

Ritual serves on the wedding cake began in England in medieval times, or about the 15th century. When it's a wedding cake made of wheat, and strangely enough, the cake was thrown to bride as a symbol of fertility. In those days, wedding cakes are also served as a dessert.

Not only wedding cakes but also all the baked goods, which includes scones and biscuits, stacked high and the couple tried to kiss the top of the cake. The higher the pile the better and when it succeeded in kissing the top of the cake without dropping it believed all the wedding will get prosperity.

In the 1600s, a French chef who came to visit the UK quite surprised with a cake piling ritual which he considers less tidy. He recommends using a broom handle as a landmark that holds the cake. However, this did not last long.

In the 17th century, "bride pie" is a popular wedding cake. Ranging from sweet pie to lamb mince pie. At that time, imitation rings inserted into the pie into the eagerly awaited for the guests who are still single. If they get a ring in the pie, they mean the next bride.

The wedding cake is today began to be made since the 18th century in London. The story begins when William Rich was an apprentice in love with his boss's daughter. William inspired by the beauty of the church of St. peak. Bride and tried to impress his hero by making a large and beautiful cake. The woman was impressed with the form of a cake that is served William as different cakes flat shaped common in that era.

However, the wedding cake that has not been popular story presented by the year 1840. And the magnificent wedding cake filled with decorative ends up being served must be presented after the marriage of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert (London). The splendor of the wedding cake decorations symbolized by the number of sugar, which sugar had become a luxury item because the price is expensive.

But since the first World War, the division of the subject material is very tight and the amount of sugar is not sufficient for a magnificent wedding cake decorations. Finally, the wedding cake with fruit and cardboard modified. Mengutari cardboard wedding cake is a cake order and makes it look luxurious even if limited budget.